Content Steering


Content distributors often use multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute their content to the end-users. They may upload a copy of their catalogue to each CDN, or more commonly have all CDNs pull the content from a common origin. Alternate URLs are generated, one for each CDN, that point at identical content. DASH players may access alternate URLs in the event of delivery problems.

Content steering describes a deterministic capability for a content distributor to switch the content source that a player uses either at start-up or midstream, by means of a remote steering service. The DASH implementation of Content Steering also supports the notion of a proxy steering server which can switch a mobile client between broadcast and unicast sources.


Steering architecture illustration
CDN Selection
Location Selection
Fragment Requests
Type Service Location Request URL
Manifest Requests
Service Location Request URL
Steering Data
Attribute Value
Request URL
Response - Version
Response - Reload URI
Response - Pathway Priority
Response - Pathway Clones
Response - TTL