Configurable parameters

Target Latency (secs):

Min. drift (secs):

Catch-up playback rate (%):

Live catchup latency threshold (secs):

Current values
  • Latency:
  • Min. drift:
  • Playback rate:
  • Live catchup latency threshold :
  • Buffer:

Concepts definition


Lowering this value will lower latency but may decrease the player's ability to build a stable buffer.

setLiveDelay() doc

Min. drift

Minimum latency deviation allowed before activating catch-up mechanism.

setLowLatencyMinDrift() doc

Catch-up playback rate

Maximum catch-up rate, as a percentage, for low latency live streams.

setCatchUpPlaybackRate() doc

Live catchup latency threshold

Use this parameter to set the maximum threshold for which live catch up is applied. For instance, if this value is set to 8 seconds, then live catchup is only applied if the current live latency is equal or below 8 seconds. The reason behind this parameter is to avoid an increase of the playback rate if the user seeks within the DVR window.

setCatchUpPlaybackRate() doc